Plutocrats' Algorithmic Death-Squads

If you try to spread this beyond your ever-smaller circle, you will discover it's much more difficult now than it was just a few months ago. The reason is that the greatest enemy of democracy isn't China's dictator, Xi, who's come right out with his anti-democratic position. It's the United States of America, which is not a democracy and never has been but rather a plutocracy, which was always the vaunted Founding Fathers' intention (save for a few fringe members, who didn't really understand what was happening, such as Thomas Paine).

The corporatists own and run the US for themselves, not the People. This is not a government of, by, and for the People. It never has been.

The plutocrats control the corporations. The collective stockholders do not. The plutocrats control the government. They literally own it. They owned it from the start and have continued to buy continued power and control all along, even during the New Deal and the height of the Union Movement, both of which were allowed to mollify the masses: dupe them into falsely believing things wouldn't swing right back only more so, which is exactly what has happened.

Right now is the worst moment in US history (so far) concerning all of this. The very thing that many revolutionaries thought was going to make real and permanent change possible (technology) is the very thing that is making the slavery, the illusion of freedom, deeper and deeper.

The Security State, the Intelligence Community, the Pentagon, are all arms of the plutocracy. That plutocracy owns the mass media and issued orders long ago to clamp down and compartmentalize all efficacious descent. They control the range of descent the masses are allowed to know. The more you've been marginalized, the more danger you've posed to that plutocracy. If you still have a mass-media megaphone, they own you!

They don't even feel the need to assassinate people anymore. That's how much control over the flow of information they believe they have, especially considering that the control is increasing geometrically even as you read this.

Do I think they're going to win? No. In fact, I know they're not going to. I'm not going to tell you how they lose, because I don't want them to know. Those who are going to defeat them already know. If your heart is in the right place, you'll know what to do when the time comes.

The plutocrats have created algorithmic death-squads. The major "social" media have been completely co-opted. The mainstream media (including publishing on paper) was completely co-opted long ago, decades ago, especially during the 1980s again, after the let-up due to the Vietnam War and Hippie Era, yes, Hippie (very fleeting, very mixed morally and ethically; but still, at least it was a Peace Movement). That's how they control the narrative and why Bernie Sanders is going to find things even more difficult than 2015-16.

The plutocrats don't simply stand still waiting for you to become their successful downfall, and compromising with them is your downfall.

Further reading (keep in mind all of what I just said though): "U.S. Intelligence Crisis Poses a Threat to the World (Part 1)"

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