Evidence/Allegations of Trump-Putin Collusion Glaringly Lacking: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA v. INTERNET RESEARCH AGENCY LLC [et al.]


What I gather is that Robert S. Mueller, III, Special Counsel U.S. Department of Justice, believes he has no evidence there that the Russian government colluded with Donald Trump or the Trump campaign or any other entity.

Even if all of the allegations are true, and they may be, I cannot forget that Hillary Clinton:

  1. Wanted a "No Fly Zone" in Syria
  2. Engaged in lying about herself (being under terrorist attack)
  3. Engaged in war crimes against Libya
  4. Lied about weapons shipments from fallen Libya to Turkey to Syria to arm jihadis against the Syrian government
  5. Ran an illegal private server that did carry classified information
  6. Had that computer wiped (her historical pattern: destroying potential evidence concerning investigations) even while she knew the FBI was investigating
  7. Systematically robbed the Bernie Sanders campaign via the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign colluding together by means of the Victory Fund and other means to ensure Hillary Clinton would be the nominee, and
  8. Demonstrated a pattern that is difficult to defend: looking like a case of foreign governments expected to do pay-for-play donations to the Clinton's family run charity and grant Bill Clinton excessively paid speeches, etc., including even in Russia itself.

Also and regardless whether the allegations brought by Mueller are true, the focus is on one nationality only and is one-directional. What other nation-states have members who engage in similar activities in the US? In what other nations do American citizens engage in similar activities?

Furthermore, even if all of the allegations are true, we aren't being told how much money was spent and how much that represents relative to total campaign-donations and -spending. It wouldn't amount to a drop in the bucket, literally.

So, even if all of the allegations by Mueller are true and even if the Russian government was behind the illegal acts (something Mueller is careful not to allege) and even if I would find such activities by Russians (and the Russian government if that's the case) wrong, I'm still glad Hillary Clinton did not become the President and I don't disagree with the Russians in question feeling the same. I say that even though I did not think Donald Trump should be President either but that Bernie Sanders was actually the only halfway honest candidate who ran for either major-party's nomination and that a vote for Jill Stein was not wasted if it would wake up the Democratic Party membership that corporatism will be part of the death knell of America.

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