Listen Up. The Trump Food-Stamps/SNAP/EBT Food-Box Plan is Not Socialism's Plan, Not Even Close!

This utterly stupid and ignorant (if it's the honest view of the author) article, "Food boxes instead of food stamps? Welcome to socialism," defines socialism as democracy-less. That's the anarchist-capitalist (so-called) definition and not what socialism is. Socialism is public ownership, not state ownership where the state is not ruled by the grassroots public.

Socialists did not come up with the Trump SNAP/EBT plan, nor would they. Socialists (real, lowercase-d democrats) would see to it that every individual person has great access to the best nutrition and enough of it to further the highest quality of life regardless of the individual's ability to pay. That has zero to do with Trump's slippery, crony-capitalist (read fascist) plan.

By the way, those crony-capitalist privatizers didn't say whether they'd be giving only Kosher food to Jews whose religious beliefs require it. They didn't say whether they'd avoid pork for all the Muslims. Real democratic-socialists (there is no other kind) are also real civil-libertarians who would not overlook such things.

That's because people come before some individuals getting richer than others via lies, distortions, omissions, and scams, rampant in "anarchist-capitalist" circles.

People come first because real socialists flesh everything out in the open and debate everything with an eye for the truth, for root causes, not dogma, not as if they know everything before everyone has even had a chance to add food for thought, etc.

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