Russiagate in Context: Right-Wing-Political-Zionism

"The Media Stopped Reporting The Russia Collusion Story Because They Helped Create It" is an interesting take because of where it relentlessly shines the spotlight.

Russiagate in Context: Right-Wing-Political-Zionism1) Obama was doing much of what was the initial focus against Trump.

2) The media were spinning based upon the garbage that was the Steele Dossier (paid for by the Democrats and created by a person who deliberately lied to the FBI).

"... who gassed little children"? Wow, that's sure buying into the CIA narrative against Assad with zero evidence and even countervailing evidence that's extremely credible.

I’ve argued over the last year that the phony collusion narrative is a symptom of the structural problems with the press. The rise of the Internet, then social media, and gross corporate mismanagement damaged traditional media institutions. As newspapers and magazines around the country went bankrupt when ownership couldn’t figure out how to make money off the new digital advertising model, an entire generation of journalistic experience, expertise, and ethics [sic; regardless, ethics and morals aren't the same thing] was lost. It was replaced, as one Obama White House official famously explained, by 27-year-olds who “literally know nothing.”

But the first vehicles of the Russiagate campaign were not bloggers or recent J-school grads lacking wisdom or guidance to wave off a piece of patent nonsense. They were journalists at the top of their profession—editors-in-chief, columnists, specialists in precisely the subjects that the dossier alleges to treat: foreign policy and national security. They didn’t get fooled. They volunteered their reputations to perpetrate a hoax on the American public.

That’s why, after a year of thousands of furious allegations, all of which concerning Trump are unsubstantiated, the press will not report the real scandal, in which it plays a leading role. When the reckoning comes, Russiagate is likely to be seen not as a symptom of the collapse of the American press, but as one of the causes for it.

Okay, so I want to discuss Zionism within the above context. Right-wing Jewish Zionists hate Russia unless they are controlling it. That's a historically demonstrable fact. They hate the Russian Christian-Orthodox church. It is not anti-Semitic to say these things, as many Jews do not hate Russia and don't seek to control it. All of the prominent figures cited in the article as leading the anti-Russia media charge are Jews: David Remnick, Jeffrey Goldberg, Franklin Foer, Anne Applebaum, Michael Isikoff, and David Corn. Do they hate Russia unless Russia is being controlled by the right-wing-political-Zionist narrative? Vladimir Putin has said that Israel has a right to exist, but Putin (unlike the vast majority, possibly all, of the people who've been allowed to lead in high public positions in the US for decades now) is not an Israel-firster in terms of foreign policy. Hillary Clinton is and was. Donald Trump is an avowed American-firster, even though he bends over backwards for Zionism. His real sin in the eyes of the Zionists though was, and remains, his willingness to allow Putin to be even less of an Israel-firster and without hating Putin for being that way.

There's your elephant in the room that everyone runs from because "anti-Semitism." Well, that ruse is worn out, and everybody with any sense and understanding knows it. Those in the know, know full well that there's a huge difference between being a Jew and being a right-wing, racist, land-thieving Jewish Zionist in Israel. Plenty of Jews are standing right up to those liars, thieves, and racists masquerading as democrats.

So let's cut right through all the nonsense and fear. Jews are not better or more deserving. There should not be a separate set of international standards for Jews. If the US can't do it, if Russia can't do it, if China can't do it, then Israel can't do it, period. The US, Russia, and China have no right to simply return somewhere and claim that God gave them the right to take it away from those who never left. I'm not calling for a double standard. I'm calling for having no double standards. I'm not saying that every Jew must leave what's called Palestine or Israel. I'm saying that those who were already there are equal under the law to the Jews who are there. I'm saying that the rest of the world must say to the Jews there who think otherwise, "Tough. You don't get your way. If you keep trying, we'll cut you off, take it away from you, and give it all back to those who were already there." That needs to be said by the US, Russia, and China together. Also, the US, Russia, and China must live up to that standard in everything they do individually and together. Otherwise, they can go to the Hell they'll have made for themselves and let the rest be delivered from them.

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