Still Missing the Big Picture: "Fact-Checking the Dueling Memos on Alleged Bias in Russia Probe"

All of this, "Fact-Checking the Dueling Memos on Alleged Bias in Russia Probe," by Billy House, Bloomberg, points directly to two things.

First, the Republicans zeroed in on the Dossier and Page rather than on the Dossier and the totally unsubstantiated allegations of Russian hacking before the Page warrant.

Second, the most important questions of all have not been publicly asked or answered. Who started the idea of investigating possible Trump-Putin collusion? Upon what basis was it officially acted upon?

I don't mean concerning just the FBI but the other agencies too. Which one (and specifically which individual and individuals within it) started any of it and on what basis? I believe without any doubt whatsoever that the initial thought was purely political in the worse sense.

If I were the President, who is in charge of national security (which clearly includes preventing a coup), I would probe anyone and everyone until I had the answers. I'd see to it that everyone had to answer under oath.

I don't like our entire system but am only staking out a position here from within the context of the existing legal system as close as possible to what it holds itself out to be.

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