Method-Madness: Trump Turns On a Dime

Trump turns on a dime ("President Trump’s Korea Breakthrough"), keeps almost everyone off balance, and can never be permanently pinned down because of it. Underlying all of it though is a rather fixed plan that he won't completely show anyone, not even his immediate family members. However, if you listen very carefully and filter out the noise, most of that plan is there and has been all along, not easy to see but there.

Do I agree with him? No. As far as I'm concerned, his environmental and economic plans are extremely bad. His Zionism is also. Is he stupid? It depends on how you define it. He is clever. It's not the same thing as being smart. Smart is clever but clever is not necessarily smart. Righteousness is the true smart. I don't consider him a righteous man.

What about Kim? He's high IQ and very well trained but his father, who was likewise very well trained by his father. You won't know him until everything has played out. He is vastly more engaging (less afraid of "Western" exposure corrupting his people, the North Koreans) than either his grandfather or father. So, he's been well trained but is his own man. That said, he's no pushover.

Was Trump stuck with threatening first and then holding out carrots? I won't deny that prior US Presidents were extremely stupid regarding North Korea. Unlike the militarists and the sanctions trigger-happy, I know North Korea could have been won over via an honest rather than threatening approach.

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