We Know Neoconservatism Is Pathological, but What Are We Going to Do About It?

How many neocons and "liberal" interventionists actually read? Is it that they don't comprehend? Is it that they don't care they're on the wrong side? I think it's mostly the first and last. They mostly either don't read or don't care after reading. I think it's mostly the latter of those two. They don't care they're on the wrong side. What can be done about it?

How do you undo sociopathy? How do you instill a sense of remorse, guilt, and shame in those who don't care? They want what they want and will lie to get it and twist endlessly until pressed, at which point they'll even murder saints. It's the major dividing line of humanity.

Our governmental systems are deliberately designed by sociopaths. We've let them.

Historically, when the People got fed up and started literally killing off the sociopaths, some sociopath has finagled control of the People. It's been a historical circle. We're still spinning. We're spiraling down. It's getting worse. Some things get better, but the improvements have never fully offset the downward trajectory. We've been lulled by incremental gains only to be set back and only to come to realize we underestimated the general damage across-the-board.

How do we avoid the killing and avoid being hoodwinked at the same time but still win? Until we get there, we're collectively primarily dead, both mentally and spiritually, and in the endless process of dying in the flesh while killing the planet.

Read the article, "Trump is gutting the National Endowment for Democracy, and that’s a good thing - The Boston Globe," and just ponder how it is that the United States of America is exactly as described there. It's a bit of an aside, but I do give Trump a tiny bit more credit than does Steven Kinzer. Trump was, and remains, completely correct that it would be great were we, the US, to get along with Russia. Trump thinks it's doable. He doesn't believe Russia is what the neocons paint it out to be. He's right. That's why the sociopaths lie about him regarding Russia. They want to own Russia. They thought they'd pulled that off after Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall, etc. They were wrong because they were sick (still are). They showed they're sociopathy when they didn't help the Russian People but helped themselves to Russia. Then came Putin, whom they demonize because they still want to own Russia. It's really that simple.

I'm not saying Putin walks on water, but I am saying the neocons are not credible. I'm saying they're ideology is based upon lying and that they are constantly projecting on others the very evils they themselves, the neocons, have done and are doing because they just don't understand that not everyone who has risen in the world is as they are.

So, what are we going to do about it?

They are working overtime to marginalize all of us. They are working overtime to gaslight that part of the world that they've made susceptible. They are working overtime to make more and more of the world susceptible. They are out to own everyone. Those they can't buy, they marginalize or cutoff. Those they can't buy or marginalize or cutoff, they imprison, torture, or even assassinate. They stop at nothing. They've killed millions.

So, again, what are we going to do about it?

They own the mainstream press and are in the constantly escalating process of ring-fencing (censoring) all alternative voices that don't agree with them. They're doing that so their lies will go unchallenged, so they're lies will be believed without question or hesitation.

They are stealthy dictators (in plain sight to those who still know the real truth) owned by the plutocracy for which they were created.

The last thing they want is a fully informed citizenry in a real democracy. They hate fully informed citizens. They hate democracy. They hate truth.

How long before the discussion ends? How long before all access to truth is completely cutoff? How long before 100% of existence at this level is a completely dystopian illusion? How long before we are all nothing but the walking dead?

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