Rand Paul, the Deep State Is Not the Intelligence Agencies

Rand Paul intentionally continues to misdirect people by saying "the deep state is the intelligence agencies." The deep state is not the intelligence agencies.

I have repeatedly said on the Internet from the beginning that the deep state is the plutocracy. There are certain people who own the system, which includes the intelligence agencies, which agencies do the bidding of those plutocrats (those who own the system).

The People do not own the system. The system is not of, by, or for the People.

Those plutocrats are capitalists who only grant others enough concessions to placate those others so those others will not dismantle the plutocracy but will either be duped by it, often as sycophants, or wittingly serve it as minions knowing the plutocracy is sheer evil.

The appointed managers of the intelligence agencies are the minions of certain plutocrats. If they buck those plutocrats, they ultimately lose under the system unless their number-one plutocrat would-be replacement succeeds and then protects them.

Rand Paul is a hyper-capitalist ideologue, as is his father.

If we don't want a deep state, which by definition is unaccountable to the People, we must have a real democracy. We must tear down the façade, which is the rigged system that elected both Obama and Trump, neither of whom would have stood the slightest chance of winning in a truly free, fair, truly democratic system, which by definition must be sufficiently transparent and direct to assure universal suffrage and full enfranchisement of the People who must own and direct their government, their state and everything within its borders and under its control, wholesale: lock, stock, and barrel.

Donald Trump is only infighting within the plutocracy. He's attempting to replace the degree, type, and style of placation of the masses. His goal is actually to increase the deep state while grasping the reins away from the remnant of the Yalies and from the neocons, who mostly co-opted it from the full grasp of the Yalies. Those Yalies and those neocons have different approaches to the same goal, which is the complete domination of the planet and beyond: the cosmos.

The whole thing constitutes seesawing power grabs. It's a contest for the number two position in Hell. Are you on any side in that contest. I'm not.

The neocons want to rule for their tribe. Trump placates the neocons while Trump seeks his seed to rule.

Where do Xi and Putin fit in? Same game, different players, different styles, different tribes, different "vision" for Hell. In no case do the People actually rule. Do you want to rule side-by-side with everyone else, or do you want to be ruled by someone not out for all but out for self and his little clan fearful to step out of line? Perhaps you'd like to be number two in Hell yourself.

Hell inevitably loses. Capitalism inevitably loses. There is a way of looking at it where you may rightfully say they already have.

"The ‘Deep State’ Is Real — and Dangerous — Paul Says – True Pundit."

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