What needs to be done is to displace capitalism

"The vast majority of people are aware and care, even if they are not sure what to do," writes Susan H. Bragdon in "Healthy Planet, Healthy People: Reconciling Global Rules to Promote Food-secure Farming."

Large farms are not necessarily unable to do the vast majority of what is discussed in the linked article. However, small farms near small settlements make perfect sense. Large farm-organizations could supply such small farms. However, the problem lies in greed. Greed is the enemy of everything that is Holy, of everything that is the solution to everything.

So, most people are aware and care but their knowledge stops short. Even if they were to be informed on the level suggested in the linked article there is no guarantee they'd do the right things. That's because of fear, which is just more ignorance.

What needs to be done is to displace capitalism. That should be done peacefully. It is not now illegal to overthrow capitalism by peaceful "legal" means. The violent overthrow of the system is illegal within that system. That doesn't mean that system is actually legal under its own letter. In fact, it isn't. The current system is legally broken under the law it claims as its own.

That law set its highest priorities then systematically set about undermining those highest priorities via supposedly legally defensible/binding statutes that don't jibe with the highest priorities and, therefore, should, under that same system, be removed and replaced with those that do. However, that is not possible because the very heart of the system is riddled with logical fallacies.

It's very heart is a house divided that cannot stand. That's because it was crafted by anti-socialists, anti-democrats, pro-elitists of the want-to-be-aristocracy type, not of, by, or for the People but rather themselves over the People.

There's your problem. It makes the solution starkly self-evident if you love the truth over lies.

Tom Usher

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