Trump has purchased a barking dog in John Bolton

Caitlin Johnstone is right to be exercised ("Dems Kept Cheerleading Bush-Era Neocons – Now There’s One In The White House"). She's right about the gaslighting. They are deliberately "buying" the neocon lies. They know they are lies. That's the point there. Lying to everyone is "good" if the reason is for furthering American hegemony because it's also "good" to lie to everyone that America is basically for real good rather then deceptive plutocrats. Plutocrats run this world. That's why we say that the god of this world is Satan (proverbial or otherwise).

Here's the truth. Trump has purchased a barking dog in John Bolton (self-trained to bark at Iran) so Trump can drive a harder "New Deal" with Iran. Hot war with Iran is another matter.

The object is to wear down Iran, Russia, and China. Xi is the ultimate target, not that he's a good guy. He's not.

All of it has zero to do with making the world safe for democracy. It has everything to do with which plutocrat finally rules it all (owns it all personally, the one and only sovereign) and to the extent that resistance is futile. They are delusional, but that is their motive. It is their goal. They work together while colluding against each other to position whomever to come out on top in the end: sheer insanity.

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