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  1. Jeremy Corbyn must stop pandering to Labour's Israel lobby | The Electronic Intifada

    It's not pandering. He's a deer in the headlights.

  2. Andy McDonald denies comparing Palestine situation to Holocaust amid Jeremy Corbyn anti-Semitism row - Gazette Live

    "I quite clearly expressed my view that anti-Semitism should be challenged wherever we find it and that we should also oppose violations of Human Rights and International Law across the world, including in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories." ~ Andy McDonald.

    That's the newsworthy aspect here; but, you see, even when you win the debate and aren't on the defensive, some people with the mainstream means of publication distort it as being the opposite: that you lost and are, therefore, on the defensive.

    McDonald defined anti-Semitism there as exclusive of negatively critiquing the official policies and practices of the Israeli government, something the Apartheid-Israel Zionists want to make illegal worldwide. They want it to be illegal to negatively critique the official policies and practices of the Israeli government by defining such critiques as anti-Semitic: racism, ethnic bigotry. Ironic isn't it, as the Israeli government and the global neocons want an ethnocratic Israel.

    Now, Andy McDonald doesn't have the experience it takes to handle the neocon/Zionist false/twisting propagandists.

    He should have started by demanding to know whether his enemies, and make no mistake about it, they are his enemies, are implying that the land theft and siege by the right-wing extremist-Zionist Jews is somehow okay. It's called un-framing the framing before it even has a chance to get its pants on. He should have said he has nothing further to say on the matter until the extremist Zionists answer that question.

    I guarantee they'll shut up if it is done correctly and swiftly. That's because they don't own everything enough yet not to have to. The "they" there are the neocons.

  3. Film showing builds solidarity with Anti-fascist Caravan to Donbass – Workers World

    "... upcoming anti-war spring actions set for April 15 in many cities across the U.S. and to hold a protest in New York on May 2, the fourth anniversary of the Odessa massacre."

    "The Odessa Massacre" would make a good movie title. It would get plenty of news coverage were it made in English and to star famous American movie actors. Start making your list of Hollywood actors who haven't swallowed the Russiagate Kool-Aid.

  4. Turkish security council resolved to take Manbij | Ahval

    Who will blink, Trump or Erdogan? If Erdogan is stupid enough to attack Manbij while Trump's Pentagon is still there on the ground, I'd be shocked were Trump not to take Erdogan completely out and replace him with a fully compliant leadership.

  5. Justice Dept. investigates possible Russia surveillance abuses by FBI

    "Democrats argued that the dossier was only part of the justification for the order, indicating that Page was deemed an 'agent of the Russian government' before the FBI received the dossier." That's irrelevant. The only issues are 1) would the court have granted the warrant in the absence of the Steele Dossier and 2) did the remaining alleged evidence supplied as grounds to issue the warrant actually meet high enough standards. The outstanding question concerns whether the judge demanded answers to the proper questions concerning the "evidence." The most important issue is whether the FISA court should even exist. I say it should never have come into being and that the entire system is completely unconstitutional.

    Naturally, the whole Russiagate narrative is based entirely upon extremely weak speculation at best. I say it's a scam.

    Personally, Trump would be safer firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller than firing Jeff Sessions. In fact, Sessions has handled the whole thing better than any Trump official has handled anything. I don't agree with Sessions' ideology, but Trump has nothing on Sessions and would be a fool to replace him over Sessions recusal or referring this aspect to Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

    If anyone really should be worried, it's Robert Mueller. If Horowitz finds rats and properly documents it all that can't be simply wished away by Adam Schiff, Trump might finally be able to relax about the whole thing. Who would the Democrats be able to erect to take Mueller's place at this point? With all the issues over the Steele Dossier and even the fake "all 17 agencies" so-called findings concerning Russia (which Trump has been a shortsighted fool not to hammer about), the Democrats could never get enough Republicans on board to impeach and remove Trump unless real, new evidence were to surface that would be indisputable, at which point Trump would be better served simply resigning. I believe Hell will freeze over first, but I needed to at least say it.

  6. Nearly 160 countries outside 'Western bloc' want to see proof in Skripal case – Russia’s UK embassy — RT World News

    The Old Empire cannot stampede the world.

  7. Big Gaps in Toxicity Testing for Vaccine Safety

  8. Trump's 'Very Soon' Withdrawal From Syria Is Exactly What Many Troops Feared - Defense One

    This article is an argument for never going in or being the world's permanently stationed police force.

    We should never have gone in. 9/11 was allowed to happen because we went in elsewhere in the first place. 9/11 was at best a delayed reaction to US military and economic imperialism in addition to being a nearly perfect neocon-pretext for more wars.

  9. French Special Forces to be deployed in Manbij very quickly: Macron to Syrian Kurdistan delegation

    Now it begins. Trump has simultaneously said that the US will be leaving Syria soon. If Trump is not simply gaming the situation (one never knows), the US could be planning to leave the field to France and Russia to sort out.

    Assad is not going to accept Erdogan's troops or "allies" running any part of Syrian territory. What will Putin do?

    Iran doesn't want a Kurdistan. The Iraqi Arabs don't want a Kurdistan. Hezbollah doesn't want one either. Who wants one other than the Kurds themselves?

    Top that off with the fact that the Kurds are split on the issue of democratic socialism. The Kurds Erdogan is currently attacking are the democratic socialists. Neither Trump nor Putin is a democratic socialist.

    Meanwhile, the jihadis are loving Erdogan's moves. Al Qaeda and the remnant of IS are loving it. They're simply waiting and planning to regroup.

  10. How the Denver DSA Convinced the Local Democratic Party to Endorse Socialism in Its Platform

    If the Democratic Party doesn't roll this back, I'll be extremely surprised (pleasantly, I might add).

  11. Skripal Poisoning – The UK’s Case for Russian Involvement | OffGuardian

    If you buy or sell this Russia-did-it narrative concerning the Skripals and were an adult when Colin Powell lied through his teeth at the UN concerning Saddam Hussein's government of Iraq and WMD, you probably bought and/or sold that nonsense too. What's that make you?

    I literally laughed at Colin Powell during his presentation. It was the most ridiculous presentation at such a high level I'd ever seen in my life; but now there's this idiotic Skripal case, which just moved into number one.

    It's a house of cards. It's nothing but lies built upon earlier lies.

    Joseph McCarthy didn't hold a candle compared to this.

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