Does it get any sicker? "Whether we can prove Moscow’s involvement in the Skripal case or not is irrelevant"

"overwhelming probability that the novichok nerve agent originated in Russia" my rear end. Overwhelming false-propaganda and PSYOP is more like it.

It has already come out that at least 20 different nation-states could have produced the poison. We already know that Russia stood absolutely nothing to gain by poisoning the Skripals, just the opposite, as any moron can readily see. It is exactly like the timing of the chemical attacks in Syria: exactly when Assad not only didn't need to order such a thing but wouldn't have anyway as all eyes were on him concerning weapons of mass destruction in the form of chemical weapons and he was winning the war for the first time. Then we find a complete chemical-weapons warehouse and factory in "rebel" areas immediately after being liberated from the raving-maniac jihadis, which info is censored by Western mainstream media (of course).

"the Russians are plainly culpable" says the serpent as he takes the innocent children to the dungeon to torture them to death to further the serpent's imperial ambitions. Who needs proof? We hate Russians and Russia, and you better agree with us or else!

Or else what? We're not afraid of you. You're afraid of the light, the truth.

By the way, it's an editorial. It's pure propaganda. It's sad that it's from the Independent.

Read it a couple of times, especially the last three paragraphs. Note how it slithers around "suspicions of the Western intelligence agencies" and tries a childish tactic of suggesting demanding proof before ramping up Cold and then Hot World War is lacking common sense. Note how it even anticipates the psychological revulsion at that childish tactic by immediately saying that Cold War is insane, of course.

Honestly, it doesn't get any worse than this. The Independent has deliberately slugged down a cup of neocon Kool-Aid just to be able to avoid having to stand up for truth.

What's not only overwhelmingly probable but rather obvious is that Western (US and UK) "intelligence" concocted/summons up the whole thing, just the way the Independent's editorial board knows they concocted all the "dodgy dossiers" down the years, including the Steele Dossier (along with the "Russia Hacked the DNC" false narrative) to get the whole ball rolling as Russiagate to shut down all progressive opposition, to marginalize, censor, further alienate all real possibilities for radical righteousness on the planet.

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