Holocaust was faked? Jewish bankers run the world? It's not that easy.

"... suggestion that the Holocaust was faked, or that Jewish bankers run the world." How convenient to lump things totally together: no range of statements or questions allowed. It's all or nothing.

Well, the right-wing Jewish narrative concerning everything about the gas chambers at concentration camps is fair game for questions of degree and questions about Jews who lied/exaggerated, etc. Also, Jews themselves brag about the fact that as a percentage of population, there are more Jewish billionaires (including bankers and banksters) than for any other ethnic group.

So, it isn't just "Holocaust" but how much and the fact that many Jews use it as an excuse to murder unarmed Palestinian protesters by shooting them in the back.

As for the bankers, are all Jews defending them? No. Are all banksters Jews? No.

Where are the Jews crying anti-Semitism the most when it comes time to thoroughly retract all support for the right-wing-Zionist regime heading up the ethnocracy called the Jewish State of Israel? Where are they when it comes time for BDS, just like the BDS against Apartheid South Africa (which wasn't Jewish but was "singled out" until they repented)?

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