If Trump attacks Assad's forces based upon false pretenses again and if he continues ramping up tensions and threats and actions against Putin and Russia (and Iran), I'm done with him.

"Russians may leave Donbass in exchange for lifting of sanctions." That's nonsense because 1) Russia isn't in the Donbass (we'll all know if Russia really rolls in) and 2) Russia knows that sanctions have to do with a great deal more than Donbass and that even if eased, sanctions will come right back under other false pretenses.

Trump appears to be trying to pretend that he doesn't know he can't test and toy with Putin. Vladimir Putin has become a consummate professional. He doesn't play Trump's "negotiating" games. Putin has his own style, which is no game, no toying. Putin has the patience of a saint but has his own red lines that if crossed by others will result not in backpedaling but retaliatory strikes designed to send more than a signal. As Putin sees it, he has no choice.

I hoped a bit that Trump would bring some progressive aspects to his economics. I knew Trump was brain dead on the environment. What I hoped the most was that he'd at least turn out to be significantly better than Hillary Clinton would have on geopolitical issues.

So far, Trump's economics have been designed to win over the other plutocrats while placating/duping the masses via tax cuts (temporary ones). Therefore, and in addition to the Fed's recent backwards signals, I've been looking at a recession brewing for many months now. I typically have long vision on such things, as I saw and openly pronounced that the US is headed for a major recession as bad as or worse than the Great Depression. I said that in 2003. Well, the tiny stimulus package saved us from quite reaching Great Depression depths but not by much.

In 2008-9, I was hearing so much Keynesianism (which wasn't on the public radar in 2003) that I started fearing overheating and inflation via too much stimulus. No such luck! Not even close, as they say.

On the environment, it's been worse than I thought it would be. Apparently "brain dead" needs to be qualified with "intentional hyper-polluter."

On the geopolitical front, things are really headed down the tubes. Trump talked a great game during the campaign when he repeatedly claimed he had been against the Iraq war because it was based upon trumped up charges of WMD. He also appeared to correctly stand his ground when he said the "intelligence community" didn't know who hacked what, as it could have been a "400 pound" guy somewhere (anywhere) who did it, which remains true to this day. Nevertheless, Trump pretends Assad's forces conduct chemical-weapons attacks in Syria. However, we know that the White Helmets and their ilk are the direct creation of British intelligence for the main purpose of spewing false propaganda (fake news) to provide pretexts for primarily US military action against Assad. That's solely because Assad won't do what he's told. If Assad were the US's puppet, he could be ten times worse with nothing to fear from the US. That's because the US is first and foremost about US plutocrats making more money at the negative expense of everyone else. It's really that simple.

So, if Trump attacks Assad's forces based upon false pretenses again and if he continues ramping up tensions and threats and actions against Putin and Russia (and Iran), I'm done with him. If you think that doesn't matter, you don't understand. It's not some egotistical statement. It's much more akin to a prophecy. Those who have ears, let them hear. It's very logical.

He obviously doesn't give a damn about fascist, racist Zionists back shooting unarmed Gazans (who have the international right to return and 80% of whom had their ancestral land stolen right out from under them by those same Zionists). God is not pleased with Donald John Trump.

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