Nikki Haley doesn't do confusion, but she does do hypocrisy and flat-out lies. What Neocon doesn't?

"... the neoconservatives never feel compelled to admit that they were wrong, one suspects that Haley’s assertion that she does not do confusion is only the beginning if she succeeds in her apparent quest for the highest office in the land." ~ Philip Giraldi.

Neocons never feel compelled because they have so much support by various Americans who don't give a damn that the Neocons lie. They just want to win, and lying is part of the means to that end.

Nikki Haley is revolting to all truth-seekers who've spent much effort to ferret out the truth. Philip Giraldi is such a truth-seeker.

I highly recommend you click through on the above link and read his article there in full. Ponder it. Ponder how you too can become a truth-seeker and leave behind all the cheat-to-win, obfuscate-to-win evil. Why? Evil loses. That's the end liars try to pretend doesn't exist.

Tom Usher

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