The Solution: One Democratic State Campaign (ODSC)

I want to credit Jeff Halper, the Israeli author of the terrific linked-post, with being the person I believe to be most responsible for revealing the abhorrent, totally anti-democratic aspect of Israeli "ethnocracy" early and often to the issue of Palestine-Israel. His emphasis upon it is what led me to abandon the two-state "solution" years ago. I had never like the two-state idea but had felt the people had been trapped into it.

Well, the Israelis never intended two states anyway. I had falsely credited them with more heart. As I read more and more of the history, I came to fully realize that the whole Zionist Project had been a scam from the outset.

I had always felt that the creation of Israel in 1948 was flat wrong on the same grounds that Germany having wanted more land had been wrong (far from the only country to do that; however, the Nazis have always been used as an excuse since WWII by the Zionists, ironically, though, to do what the Nazis wanted to do: take land, colonize by force). Jeff help focus me, though, via the term "ethnocracy," as the US had always claimed to being about making the world safe for democracy. People are simply calling the US and others to live up to their claims of being democracy promoters/supporters.

"...the two-state solution is dead...."

Within a constitutional democracy in which all citizens enjoy a common citizenship, one common parliament and thoroughly equal civil rights, constitutional protection would also be granted to national, ethnic or religious collectivities desiring to retain their various identities and cultural lives if they so choose. Such an approach, acceptable to most Palestinians, addresses a key concern of Jewish Israelis: protection of their collective rights in a future country in which they will be the minority. Parliament, under the Constitution, will have no power to pass laws discriminating against any community.

The fine details will have to be worked out. The ODSC has already gone a long way in that direction. Read the whole post. However, what details aren't spelled out by the ODSC will simply be worked out by that One State. That's what real democracy is all about. Let them hold their constitutional convention and present the outcome to the whole population of Palestine and Israel to vote up or down.

Now, if this were Trump's Peace Plan, I'd laud him for it. Everything else is just noise and obfuscation. I can guarantee that Iran would sign on, as Iran has always said that they'd agree to anything the whole population would agree upon. So would Russia (and China), probably France, and definitely Jeremy Corbyn's wing of the Labour Party.

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