Why leave the "system"? Start a non-profit, ad-free, economic-democracy search-and-social system

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Lots of people are panicking. I'm not. I've been block, banned, censored, etc., so long that it's just old hat with me.

Here's what's happening. The top plutocrats, the old hands at it, are going to keep having their "intelligence community" lean on the new-corporatists' media to keep falling into line or else. They have all been falling into line. That's the control money has over them. They're all billionaires but not free, not in charge. It's starting to result in progressive people moving out from under the control of those corporatists, which corporatists will lose money on account of that. That's justice.

Economic progressives will stop using Google (including Google search and Google ads), Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest. A non-profit, ad-free alternative will be created, which won't ban, block, shadow block, censor, or mess around with rankings or the like. There will simply be some very basic, fair, "civil" rules under which people of whatever view can openly discuss whatever.

The focus must be economic, bottom-up, as pure as practicable democracy, not cultural "liberalism." If people "civilly" disagree and don't engage in trolling concerning such cultural issues, such discussions should be fully allowed, as new revelations and facts are constantly coming forth, which information should not be censored simply because some people don't want to hear it. If the main economic problems are fixed first, the rest will be easier to work on anyway. First things first is the saying: basic necessities first with all issues triaged and further prioritized. Let's end poverty. After that, I'm for ending war and other forms of violence; but, that will be democratically decided in our new transparent system. To the best of our ability, let's fully inform each other with the whole fundamental truth. With that, we'll make the best decisions. With that, we'll become as free as it can get.

It won't be easy because of trolls and the truly mentally ill (who need compassion and real caring help). It can be done though and must be.

Don't let the IRS stop the creation, maintenance, and growth of the new search and social system. Let it be run on donations regardless of IRS rules or determinations. The current capitalist system is designed to thwart economic democracy, and the IRS is a creature of that capitalist system. Trust me. An entire large nation, even the whole world, can be much better run without loans or taxes.

See: "RLCC: Monetary-and-Banking-Reform Platform for The United States."

I'm working on leaving monetized (capitalist) search and social as time permits. There's no sense in getting all stressed out over it or rushing at it. I'll do it at my own pace, my own convenience.

Why leave the "system"? "Top UK Journalist Craig Murray Blocked by Facebook After Criticizing Israel."

If you think that the solution is capitalistic anti-trust, don't. Anti-trust is better than not if you're going to stick yourself with capitalism, but it won't stop the system from censoring out true economic progressivism. The following is true, but don't fall for anti-trust as the answer.

The sentiment that startups effectively have no chance of competing against the “Big Five” tech giants—Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft—is one that has become increasingly common among tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in recent years. “People are not getting funded because Amazon might one day compete with them,” one founder told The Guardian. “If it was startup versus startup, it would have been a fair fight, but startup versus Amazon and it’s game over.” As the author and media scholar Jonathan Taplin pointed out in an interview with ProMarket, the very notion that someone could start a new search engine that competes with Google “is just laughed at by the venture capital community.”

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