The economic left needs to demonetize search and social or fail

I've had a strange, difficult day; however, some things were quite positive. That's not unusual with me at all.

The following lifted my spirits:

The difference between a corporate team-building retreat and a political reeducation camp is in only the level of outright coercion, not in the level of collectivist thinking.

Corporate capitalism is authoritarian-collectivist in a very real sense.

Lately, I've been hearing "Marx, Marx, Marx" and not just because he had his 200th birthday on May 5th but because leftism of the economic type is making a huge comeback in spite of corporate capitalism doing everything in its power to quash everything about left economics, Marxian and otherwise.

I've recently re-raised the issue of PropOrNot, a "shadowy" group obviously funded by the deep state (a term I was using at least 10 years ago by the way) that published a list of alternative sites that weren't falling into line concerning the "official" (Neocon) narrative called Russiagate.

"The best thing I ever saw on it: 'Unpacking the Shadowy Outfit Behind 2017’s Biggest Fake News Story':" That's something I wrote Wednesday.

It's been many years since the PropOrNot tactic was begun on me -- long before PropOrNot existed by name. I was marginalized severely by both the "left" and "right" for different but the same reasons at the same time. The "left" hated it that I didn't fall into line with the non-economic so-called leftist identity-politics agenda. The "right" hated it that I didn't fall into line with the Zionism and anti-democratic mixed-economy but pushed rather anti-ethnocracy for Palestine/Israel and pushed for democracy of the vastly more direct type. I also pushed anti-war and truth concerning everything.

"To Hell with a "Jewish State of Israel." God, it's as bad as if I were to call for the United States to be the Anglo-Saxon United States (everyone else is second class at best). Doesn't he get that without being told? What's he afraid of, as if we don't already know." That's what I wrote recently concerning Bernie Sanders not totally denouncing ethnocratic Israel.

Well, those who fell prey to PropOrNot only joined the club later and in shock, even though I'd been saying the powers that be would stop at nothing. Truth be told, which I'm interested in, I was too optimistic about the Internet remaining free enough long enough to usher in real socialism, which is real democracy (total).

Lately, I've pulled back from "social media" owned and operated by the enemies of that democracy. However, doing that isn't enough.

Google literally owns "search." They accomplished that by monetizing search via advertising. They sold higher listings to the highest bidder. It's been downhill ever since in terms of search finding alternatives of the nook-and-cranny variety and don't spend on advertising. Facebook and Twitter are simply more of the same.

Those companies have been forced into being co-opted by the Neocon's agenda, not that those corporations put up much of a fight. They had to know it was coming and were prepared to cave or else. I could go on and on about it, but you get the point.

The issue now is what to do. What should the economic left do? By the economic left, I mean socialist, democratic socialists, not social democrats, not mere welfare-staters. I mean the community owning the means of production of the goods and services needed and wanted by that community, on the local level and in the aggregate globally and beyond as humanity reaches for the stars, literally.

What that left needs to do and very soon is create non-profit alternatives to Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all like-kind corporate-capitalist endeavors. The left needs to demonetize all of those functions and to use only those demonetized alternatives. Those engines need to run exclusively on donations, even non-profit dues if needs be. They need to be opensource and 501(c)(3)'s, even though Trump has pushed through the sneaky increase in the Standard Deduction for federal income taxes (to benefit high earners who have the money to buy up rentals and take all the deductions). The reason for 501(c)(3) status is so that rich people can join in the fun (but gain no increased say about the platforms, which must remain 100% transparent and democratic).

Ban real trolls? Yes. Ban real racists? Yes. Ban honest differences of opinion about leftism? No. If people want to argue for identity politics and make the mistake of elevating that concern above eliminating poverty, let them.

The truth is that installing real democracy will solve all of the issues in the end anyway. Installing real democracy, the most direct and transparent democracy that will work in a practical sense and using representatives only when those are subject to instant recall for failure to vote the will of the voters, is the only real path forward.

We sure don't need violence! We sure don't need chaos. We sure need good organization.

Now, the big question over the last couple of years has been whether to takeover the Democratic Party and reform it into an anti-corporatist party or start a new party.

The problem is that the whole approach comes out from capitalists who only argue internally the degree to which they want to use placation of the left. The Kochs aren't really interested in that sphere. They're as far over on the "forget placating" end as it gets with the active mega-billionaires. The Plutocrats (capitalists all) who do believe masses with pitchforks can overthrow capitalism if not sufficiently placated (duped, misguided) are the ones behind it all.

Facebook, Google (including YouTube), Twitter, and the others like them have all been brought on board via implied, and perhaps direct when an extra shove is necessary, threats. The New York Times and Washington Post and the like were co-opted decades ago. Bezos isn't letting his "Libertarian" leanings get in the way of that. Money, money, money is what's driving him (further insane).

So, we have "liberals" undergoing constant brainwashing to buy into the movement for plutocratic total domination of the world (Universe really, as their greed knows no bounds). We have censorship and marginalization so extensive again (worst in my lifetime) that even if PropOrNot gets shamed, which it did, those initially censored are still more marginalized than they used to be.

This is all why I say that we need a non-profit search (to replace Google's monetized system) and social-media system where all Anti-Plutocrats can raise their voices and plan, etc., and that the Democratic Party can be dumped in favor of bringing forth a new system where the established representative-democracy is replaced with direct democracy as much as practicable and where if any representatives are used, those reps are subject by law to following the vote of those they represent (like union negotiators having to get the vote of the rank and file on ending a strike) or be immediately recalled and replaced.

Naturally, transparency is the most important thing. That's why the current system pushed through PropOrNot: to shut down those who want more light, not less, more truth, not less. Truth and light are the same, and the Plutocrats hate truth more than anything.

That's mine.

The "Two" parties have conspired together to deny all others the ability to join in the major general-election debates covered by all the major-media outlets. If the Democratic Party were to lose all true leftists, that conspiracy wouldn't work going forward.

It would also be an incentive for the anti-Neocon Libertarians to split off from the Republican Party.

The Plutocrats and their corporatist minions would find things much more difficult to control. The real left (the economic left) would finally have a voice that most of the people would get to hear uncensored. Remember PropOrNot? Censorship is a major problem.

Bernie means well, but he's not cutting it. Dennis means well too but is also not cutting it. They falsely imagine that the Democratic Party can be truly taken over and reformed from within.

Why not strike while the iron is hot for once? A movement like this doesn't come around very often. If the moment isn't seized, it will be lost.


If you're wondering about the age-old capitalist false question, "Where will the money come from?" read this: "RLCC: Monetary-and-Banking-Reform Platform for The United States."

Let the light in.

Lift the bottom first.

Leave absolutely nobody behind for any reason.

Invest in what we need most in a prioritized manner.

Make peace.

What's not to like?

Call the whole thing: LeftNet

Tom Usher

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