Anyone who thinks Nazis and socialists are the same thing is severely ignorant

"PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Nazis And Socialists Are The Same Bunch Of Idiots." Actually, anyone who says that is quite lacking in understanding the very basics of Nazism versus socialism or is lying on purpose. I've studied both. If they were the same. I'd have seen zero difference.

The single most important thing one needs to know is that there is a thing called "democracy in everything," which is what it means when the People as a whole own and control everything democratically. Take away democracy, and you're left with no socialist control. You certainly can't own something equally together unless you have an equal say concerning it, an equal controlling interest.

Now, along comes Ron Wisner acting as if none of that matters. In brainwashed Libertarian-Capitalist fashion (citing godfathers of that ridiculous ideology as authorities on the subject), Wisner commenced to deliberately blur everything so the reader who is uninformed as to the actual facts of history and political economy and philosophy comes away falsely imagining the Nazis were democrats and advocated equal ownership and say and control regardless of any other factors, such as race, ethnicity, or religion.

Well, you have to be extremely uneducated not to know that the Nazis were no democrats, and therefore, no real socialists.

Anyway, the German economy went from utter basket case, due to war reparations (which Keynes forewarned would cause another war and did), to an economy that waged world war for as long and as hard as it did. A similar thing happened in the US due to first the New Deal and then industrializing to supply Britain mostly and then due to entering the war, employing the formerly unemployed on mostly the government's dime: public employment.

Naturally, Stalin had to do the same in the USSR and did; however, the USSR was Bolshevik, which contrary to real socialism, was not democracy at-large. It was democracy in the Soviets or be shot or at least threatened with it or the like.

So, all Ron Wisner has accomplished is to spew utter nonsense to deceive. What's he afraid of? That's pretty obvious: socialism, as in democracy.

Tom Usher

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