Iran: Trump's dark art of the deal

I only disagree with Glen Ford (link below) concerning the degree to which Donald Trump knows what he's doing regarding Iran. Trump knows. Trump also knows Trump's lying. Netanyahu's entire presentation was based on nonsense: old, fake, fully debunked intelligence. Trump knows that, just the way he knew that the so-called chemical-weapons attacks by the Syrian government were faked by the White Helmets and their co-conspirators.

Trump is fooling tens of millions in the US with his tax cuts, which cuts are heading us right toward recession that could otherwise be easily avoided. Trump is aiding and abetting in the continuing environmental destruction of the planet. Trump is going about renegotiating everything via the completely wrong approach. He's gotten away with it a bit, but it's wearing thin. Other powers are catching on quite quickly and are going to band together as otherwise strange bedfellows to thwart Trump, Netanyahu, and the so-called MBS.

Very few of Trumps moves domestically or internationally make much long-term sense at all. He forced the issue concerning North Korea, but North Korea would never have embarked on a nuclear-weapons program in the first place had it not been for the moronic regime-change in Libya. That's where Trump should have started. Also, South Korea elected someone who is almost Trump's exact opposite, someone who has dealt with North Korea in an honest, intelligent way.

Moon Jae-in is somewhat trapped by the US into allowing the US military to remain even after it isn't really needed (or wanted), but he's made huge strides with Kim to bring peace to the whole of Korea. Trump lucked out, frankly. He isn't lucking out concerning Iran.

Trump stupidly went along with the UK on the Skripal "case." He's also stupidly knuckled under concerning all the rest of the nonsense drummed up as Russiagate. The title of Glen's article is right on (see below).

Trump attacks Venezuela with more sanctions, a nation that if it had not been constantly undermined by the US Plutocracy, would be doing just fine; but, that's the point for the sanctions: the Plutocrats can't let anyone succeed who's not under the Plutocrats' total control.

Meanwhile, Trump touts totalitarian dictators, head-choppers in Saudi Arabia, and back-shooters (of unarmed teens wanting their land and homes back: their international right) in land-thieving, ethnocratic Israel.

Blatant lying and hypocrisy are just obvious parts of Trump's dark art of the deal. I've had it with him. I now cut him zero slack. If he wants to redeem himself, he has a huge slog ahead and better start right away totally reversing his means and ends.

By the way, none of this means for a second that I think Hillary Clinton would have been a better choice. She had even crazier and more dangerous ideas by far concerning Syria and Russia and US foreign policy in general. Plus, she cheated in the primaries, and every honest person who's looked at the issue at all knows it. She would have been just another in a long string of hypocritical, lying, Plutocratically controlled, Zionist Commanders-in-Chief, only worse.

"Trump Is Acting Like Israel's Puppet, Not Russia's."

Tom Usher

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