Israel's Violence on Gazans' Non-Violence

Norman Finkelstein is a historian who has specialized in Israel. His parents were interned in a Nazi concentration camp. He's not anti-Semitic at all. What he is, is someone who's studied the creation of Israel and events since and come away with a deep sense of utter disgust at the unfathomable evil that's been, and is still being, inflicted on the Palestinians with the full aid and comfort and support economically and militarily of the US government and others.

I'd love to see Benjamin Netanyahu attempt to debate Norman Finkelstein in an honestly conducted debate. Netanyahu would never agree to it because he knows he'd be trounced.

How long is the world going to keep its back turned? Norman sees the tide shifting, as do I.

Bernie Sanders and others who've been rather shy, to say the least, about thoroughly denouncing the murderous Zionist-regime should take note and begin using the right descriptive words.

Tom Usher

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