Ray McGovern: Haspel hearing is a charade run by those close to CIA

Wow! This is Ray McGovern at his explaining-best. I've been wondering for days about the details leading up to his being dragged out. Yes, he knew he'd be dragged out. Yes, he didn't just shutdown and turn around and quietly leave. It's not my style, but some feel it's the only way. I get that.

He certainly didn't merit the treatment he received even if one agrees with not allowing him to speak, which I do not. Why? Because Haspel has no business even being considered. Ray makes why that's the case perfectly clear.

Ray took the abuse for the sake of getting the spotlight placed where it should be all across the US. Unfortunately, the US needs RT (Russian Television) to inform it. Some free press, some third estate keeping the government on the up and up.

Trump calls the system rigged, but it's just as often rigged in favor of what he's doing even when what he's doing is utterly evil.

Tom Usher

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