Reneging on the Iran Deal: follow the money up and down

"The U.S. exit from the Iranian nuclear deal, the unprecedented exchange of rocket attacks between Iranian and Israeli forces and the general belief among the U.S., Saudi Arabia and Israel that Iran's regional expansion needs to be stopped all argue for a continued rise in the price of crude." (Source)

Who benefits? Saudi Arabia, Russia, the US fracking industry, Trump's carbon-industry base but also alternative energy and electric vehicles because MPG will matter all the more.

Who gets hurt? Iran, the environment (more carbon pollution, earthquakes from fracking, ground water pollution due to injection wells, etc.), China, the construction industry and others relying on lower transportation costs (fuel costs), the average consumer. Venezuela may get hit even harder with sanctions and other dirty tricks to keep the government and its poor supporters there from benefiting by higher oil prices. If Maduro has brains, he'll invite China in to help create Venezuela's own refining and shipping capacity, not that I want more carbon burning. I don't. It would give China the inside track on cut-rate prices from Venezuela and also a bigger foothold in the Americas, not that I'm a fan of Xi's dictatorship, far from it.

Who else benefits by pulling out of the Iran Deal? The military-industrial complex of the US.

Who else gets hurt? American dependability in the eyes of the world, which was already at an all-time low.

The above is just the shortlist.

Tom Usher

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