Ecuador hints it may hand over Julian Assange to Britain and the US

What they're trying to do first is get Julian Assange to walk out of his own accord.

Right now, he's in near-solitary-confinement prison. The snake, new President of Ecuador, has seen to that.

Frankly, I don't know that Julian Assange should have gone in, in the first place. I wouldn't have. However, I believe that for years now, it would have been in his own best interest and the interest of the cause to walk out. The problem now is that people who are even more insane than those during the Obama administration are in charge and the powers that be have already succeeded in marginalizing the very voices that would have done the most, been the most effective, to secure his release after walking out.

Bradley/Chelsea Manning had it hard but did survive. They might go harder on Assange. I think they wouldn't subject Assange to the blatant physical-torture Manning underwent but that Assange would find it much more difficult to get out, be released as quickly if turned over to the US. If the Brits have any brains, they'd only address the issue of Assange walking into the Embassy and not turn him over. Good luck with that with May as the PM.

Corbyn has been quiet because if he speaks about it at the wrong time or in the wrong way, he thinks it would only set back the cause. Should he have already blasted the system? Definitely. He hasn't because he's too passive. He does stand up, but he's easily cowed. He doesn't seem to know how to gain more power and strength by standing up to anyone and everything and turning all the issues right back on his attackers, not letting them change the subject as to how disgusting they are. The youth are looking to him to never back down, never hesitate, never cede the issue to the opposition. There's no real alternative, never has been.

Sometimes, it's now or never. Don't miss the freedom train.

Tom Usher

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