Federica Mogherini: Iran nuclear deal will hold

I am thoroughly positively impressed by Federica Mogherini's strength and steadiness. She's taking the exactly correct, calm, mature, level-headed approach that's needed in the face of Netanyahu and Trump's foolishness. She's especially right to emphasize that "No country is big enough to face this world alone."

If Trump truly wants America to be great, he better back off. All the other powers of the world are against him on this and will remain so.

If Netanyahu thinks Israel can continue attacking Iranian's in Syria and then have the US come to Israel's rescue and save Israel when Iran hits back, which Iran has calmly not done yet, he's dreaming.

Europe and the UK will not lift a finger to aid Netanyahu and Trump trying to start a world war via Iran, but Russia and China will aid Iran like there's no tomorrow. The US and Israel cannot out last Iran, Russia, and China if The EU and UK won't help Israel and the US.

Canada, Japan, Australia, and others won't want anything to do with it either.

Trump is miscalculating. His gut has told him the wrong thing. He's mis-gauged how fixed the other signatories to the Iranian Deal were, are, and will remain. I could have told him, but he's been deaf on it anyway.

If the Israelis have any brains, they'll yank Netanyahu out of office before he gets them into trouble they've not seen in their lifetimes.

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