Heiko Maas: Germany can't protect businesses from US sanctions in Iran

I haven't seen anyone playing hardball with Trump and Netanyahu. This is not hardball from Heiko Maas. It's not even softball.

How about the Europeans tell Trump and Netanyahu to back off or Europe will immediately lift all sanctions against Russia? How about they just lift the sanctions right now? That would be smart.

How about if Trump and Netanyahu bristle and try to up the ante, Europeans start talking openly about leaving NATO and even actually leave if the idiots won't listen to reason?

How about every single time the US and Israel try to dictate and to threaten and to gin up war, Europe, China, Russia, India, and Japan all close things off to the US?

How else is peace supposed to prevail in the world? When have you seen Netanyahu respond to calls for him not to be a monster? Why the silence in Europe about what Netanyahu is doing to the Gazans?

Who started all the current wars? Can't they all be traced back to US actions now? Did 9/11, a dubious narrative (at best) to begin with, really justify all this belligerence and aggressiveness, all this death and destruction?

Are the nations of the world better off now?

How about the world moves the United Nations to Europe and just doesn't allow the US or Israel to be members until each is ready to play nicely and the Israelis are ready for an immediate one-state solution?

Trump has you all dancing to his song. Don't you know how to start your own music out of the blue.

Look, I'm not saying to starve the people of the US or Israel. I'm saying not to just do what you're told to do under threats from barking lapdogs like John Bolton. I'm saying to tell John Bolton and his ilk, "Get thee behind me, Satan."

Tom Usher

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