[Propagandized for Israel:] The U.S. Embassy in Israel isn't the only reason for violence. Here are the key issues

"... militants joined the protest movement and urged participants to burn tires close to the fence and hurl stones and gasoline bombs toward Israeli soldiers on the other side." That's a total mischaracterization.

Young people are rightfully upset at everything the Zionists have done to the families of those youths. They are burning tires to obscure the view of the murderous snipers, who are gleeful at killing unarmed kids, shooting many in the back from hundreds of yards away. The stones and "gas bombs" hit nobody. They are too far away and know it.

Why bother to write half-truths if not for their one-sided propaganda value.

If the Germans were doing the exact same thing to Jews, we'd never hear the end of it; but, it's the Jews doing it to Arabs, so, so what?

Well, Arab lives are just as important as Jewish ones, whether certain Jews, racists, think otherwise or not.

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