Finkelstein: Where's the Solidarity for Gaza? (2/3)

Well, sad to say, the Gazan youth are going to have to completely give up burning tires, throwing stones, and doing anything at all along those lines before the West in general will believe that an anti-violence movement has broken out in Palestine everywhere that can't be ignored.

They're all going to have to stop using the expression "day of rage" and so forth.

Hamas is going to have to openly and officially renounce all forms of violence as a means of conflict resolution. They're also going to have to disband everything but a very legitimate police force. They are also going to have to guarantee that they are for a secular democracy for the whole of Palestine/Israel as one state with equal political and religious rights, as if there's a difference.

I've been saying all of this for more years than I can remember. They've made progress, but it's all or nothing in the end.

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