The US isn't an Anglo-Saxon ethnocracy and Israel can't be accepted as a "Jewish state"

The following sounds reasonable to much of the left:

“Israel has a responsibility to calibrate its use of force, to not use lethal force, except as a last resort, under imminent threat of death or serious injury,” he said. “It must protect its borders, but it must do so proportionally and investigate every incident that has led to a loss of human life.”

I've maintained for decade after decade that Israel was founded on totally false pretenses and via terrorism and has no such rights as a nation-state. The same thing applies to all states founded on false pretenses and via terrorism.

The problem with Israel in particular is that it was founded after WWII on the basis of ideology of nations founded long before the profound changes of that war. By the end of the war, that ideology was already well beyond the pale in the general view of the world. Israel has, so far, been excepted from that post-war legal and moral standards.

Look, what the right-wing Zionists are doing to the Gazans is just as bad as it would be for the US to ring fence any Indian reservation in the US and shoot unarmed Indians trying to leave that open-air prison. Imagine the US having done that for the last 70 years. Americans wouldn't stand for it. American Jews, who number in the millions here, wouldn't stand for it. Imagine the US military regularly attacking that tiny reservation packed with millions of Indians living in a hellhole because it's cut off from the rest of the world and because the US constantly destroys the infrastructure for sanitation and energy, etc.

What happened to the American Indians was horrendous, and bad things continued happening to many of them well after WWII and bad things are still happening; but, how in the world could the US government get away with telling the Indians they can't leave the reservation unless those Indians say about America what those right-wing Zionists are demanding the Gazans say about Israel?

Those Zionists are demanding that the Gazans accept the ethnocracy, the Jewish supremacy, of Israel forever and to never demand land back or homes back, etc.

Okay, so America hasn't given back all the land; but, the Indians had, and have, the right to return: to not live on the reservations. They have the right to not live under an ethnocracy. The US started out dominated by Anglo-Saxons, but it isn't an Anglo-Saxon ethnocracy and shouldn't be, just as Israel shouldn't be, and can't be allowed to be, a "Jewish state."

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