When being terminated is a badge of honor: unjustly labeled anti-Semitic

... speaking to German-based Jewish publication Jüdische Allgemeine, Hanitzsch himself said he was not sorry for a cartoon that was solely a political critique. "That the editors have apologized is their business. I do not apologize," he said. "I can criticize the Netanyahu policy, even as a German."

Shortly afterwards he was fired.

So, there are still plenty of cowardly Germans unwilling to say what is not anti-Semitic is not anti-Semitic.

The missile in Netanyahu's hand is about Zionist war crimes where hundreds of innocents have been systematically bombed for daring to even want to exercise their international legal right to return to their homeland literally stolen by those Zionists. Everybody knows that. It's about Netanyahu being a warmonger, which, of course, he is. He's doing his best to gin up a war on Iran to be waged by Israel and the US, and primarily the US.

Are all the cartoons making fun of Trump anti-American? They are not. The same applies to all leaders of nation-states. Only if the cartoon clearly stands against an entire class of people who were born what they are and can't change or shouldn't have to try or who hold particular protected religious views (you can't exercise your religious belief to murder people) does it rise to the level of something unacceptable, such as real anti-Semitism does. Everything else is noise. The so-called "new anti-Semitism" is a lame attempt at insulating the Netanyahu's of the world from negative criticism visited upon all sorts of leaders of all sorts of nationalities and ethnicities and religious systems without the prefix "anti" being tacked onto their individual nationalities, ethnicities, or religious beliefs.

The Zionist pretend they are singled out for greater criticism while they demand worldwide status to censor truth and which status is not legally granted to any other people. The Zionists deserve zero special privileges.

They are losing their undeserved status and they know it. More and more people, who aren't anti-Semitic at all, are standing up to them and backing them down.

The days of milking what the Nazis did to Jews so Jews (only certain ones) could, and can, stomp all over others even after stealing their land are coming to permanent end. The sooner all Jews are treated as not inherently more deserving than any other racial or ethnic group, the better.

Tom Usher

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