FBI implant in Trump campaign issue is missing the point

Missing the point:

... the New York Times reported that the FBI had the informant contact campaign advisers “only after they received evidence that the pair had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign.”

"Suspicious" only if one is out to get Russia without reasonable grounds.

The entire process was begun as a purely false-propaganda campaign. The whole thing was conjured up out of thin air to dupe the masses and attempt to force people's hands. Those who went along were either already on board with the neocon agenda or were too stupid or too afraid to stand up against the fakery.

Trump has committed war crimes, but who's going after him for that? They don't care about that. They want to bring him down via demonizing Russia. They want Russia down for one reason only: greed. They have designs on taking Russian wealth for themselves.

Tom Usher

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