Islam with Chinese characteristics: physical and mental torture for zero freedom of religion

Look, I'm not Islamic, far from it; however, the treatment the Chinese totalitarian dictatorship is dishing out is completely backwards.

In a June 2017 paper published by a state-run journal, a researcher from Xinjiang’s Communist Party School reported that most of 588 surveyed participants did not know what they had done wrong when they were sent to re-education. But by the time they were released, nearly all – 98.8 percent– had learned their mistakes, the paper said.

Transformation through education, the researcher concluded, “is a permanent cure”.

I don't know the degree to which the story is embellished. Nevertheless, none of it seems inconsistent with verified Chinese tactics concerning other issues.

This is exactly why I was opposed to "opening China" with no strings attached. We've allowed China to become a rich superpower without China having to change its underlying anti-democratic ideology a bit. The US powers that be did that for the sake of money, and they haven't even won at that game either.

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