The Shocking Truth About Russia’s Troll Campaign

In an honest world, this article wouldn't end the entire fake issue because the entire fake issue never would have gotten started.

... the IRA was hardly alone in publicizing police shootings, railing against police brutality, highlighting stories of outrageous racism, and preaching against intolerance and bigotry. If this constitutes Russian propaganda, then liberal Twitter and the New York Times have been far more effective vehicles for it.

It all points to the absurdity of pegging one’s politics, as many Democrats and Kremlin-obsessed liberals have, not to principles but to blind reaction based partly in nationalistic chauvinism — a strange, fun-house mirror reflection of Trump himself. Through that looking glass is a world in which poorly worded Russian Facebook ads, not systemic oppression, are the cause and fuel of anger, rebellion, and discord. It must be comforting. But then, that’s what fantasies are for.

Tom Usher

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