Trump Drives Foreign-Policy Peabrain Wedge Between Germany and France Over Iran

I have repeatedly written that Merkel is a very weak leader. I can sense the German People really want to stand up for the right causes. They been timid due to Nazism. That's completely understandable. However, they can take firm stances without having to fear others pointing at them as if the Germans have no right to stand up strongly for solid principles, such as honoring the Nuclear Deal with Iran, which Iran is honoring and has been.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, for his part, said he would not accept a "there's nothing we can do" attitude from the Europeans. "The EU, Russia and China together are no less powerful than the U.S.," says Ali Majedi, Iran's ambassador to Berlin. He says the Europeans demonstrated success in standing up together against Trump in the dispute over punitive tariffs. Now, he says, Tehran expects the same with the nuclear deal.

"If the EU, Russia and China use the instruments available to them to enable Iran to benefit economically from the deal, then we will also stick to the agreement," Majedi says. Then, he says, a discussion could take place about Iran's role in the region or its controversial ballistic missiles program, but it would all have to be done independently of the nuclear agreement.

The Deal with Iran was one of the best international deals I've seen made in many decades. I pushed hard for it before I saw anyone even mention the idea. It's the best move Obama made in his entire time as President, no doubt about it. His second best move was making the Chemical-Weapons Deal with Syria. His worst move was Libya. He knows these things.

Donald Trump is making a fool of himself concerning Iran. Trump's move on Iran is worse than Obama's on Libya.

The smart thing for Trump to do is reverse course. That would show he's able to learn in office, as Obama showed (finally). He'd also instill some confidence about him with North Korea's Kim. The recent US-South Korea military exercises were really, really dumb, by the way. Kim was ready to be wowed by graciousness he'd reciprocate, but dull minds around Trump managed to seize defeat out of the grasp of victory (real peace).

If Trump wants to go down in history as a counter-productive foreign-policy peabrain, he can just keep it up with Netanyahu.

Tom Usher

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