Joined at the hip: Taking down Russiagate-narrative promoters means impeaching Russia-hacking-narrative promoters too

With the wheels set in motion last week seemingly align with Congressional requests and the OIG mandate, and the upcoming OIG report likely to serve as a foundational opinion, the DOJ will finally be empowered to move forward with an impartially appointed Special Counsel.

That's in reference to the Hillary Clinton emails and more. See: "IG Horowitz Finds FBI, DOJ Broke Law In Clinton Probe, Refers To Prosecutor For Criminal Charges."

I have to say that the grounds for investigating Clinton and the whole deep-state apparatus, which came together around her to keep Trump out of office and then to try to remove him, are much more compelling than anything ever alleged as evidence for Trump-Russia collusion. It's amazing how long it has taken anyone to force the issue.

However, that is not the most important thing in this whole affair. The most important thing is that the Clinton deep-state used two main weapons against Trump: Russian-hacking allegations and the Steele Dossier. The hacking allegations were by far the most highly pushed outside the tabloid press. So, if the Trump deep-state (what, you didn't know there is one?) takes down the Clinton deep-state via taking down everything surrounding the Steele Dossier and everything else just short of addressing the hacking allegations, then the Trump deep-state (also Zionist right along with the Clinton deep-state) will have impeached everyone, including those who alleged the Russian hacking. The Trump deep-state is scared to death about that because they want the Democratic establishment to be beaten to death but don't want Trump left being able to take the heat off Russia. They know Trump's a Zionist, but they know they can't predict or control Trump, who will do what's best for Trump in Trump's eyes, even if that means throwing the so-called "Jewish State of Israel" under the bus.

Tom Usher

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