Ken Livingstone is out because the "New anti-Semitism" is economic leftism

"Finally, Corbyn has done the right thing and got Livingstone out of the Labour Party." Hogwash!

The "New anti-Semitism" is telling the truth.

Ken Livingstone wasn't and isn't and anti-Semite. He told the truth about Hitler. Who doesn't know that?

Shame on Labour for caving into the Neocons, who never admit to Jewish Israel's war crimes and land stealing and ethnic cleansing and ethnocratic dreams of Jewish Supremacy.

Livingstone is out but Netanyahu has the US and can mow down unarmed Gazans who want to return to their ancestral homeland, which is their internationally legal right.

To Hell with ethnocentric Israel! They either change or go to the doom of their own making.

You should also know that Livingstone was targeted for economic reasons even more than for supposed anti-Semitism. Ken is an radical economic leftist. The Neocons wanted to tarnish him even if by lies and distortions to slow the movement to economic leftism.

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