Starting with Iran, Hail Trump? Not a chance.

Here's the deal concerning Mike Pompeo and especially Donald Trump concerning Iran. Trump was used to "dealing" with people in business he didn't control in circumstances where he didn't have to face them over and over and over and over....

Foreign Policy in the current world is different and is different for the US than it was at the end of WWII. US power has been going down relative to the rest of the world ever since about 1950. I don't mean nuclear-weapons power. I mean overall power.

So, now we have a resurrected Russia, not quite as powerful as the Soviet Union but closing in on that very quickly, particularly in terms of weapons systems and organizational skills. Putin has organizational skills that are more highly honed than that of any Soviet leader, including Stalin.

We have a China the economy of which is almost on par with the US in many ways. China has a much larger population, so figuring wealth per person is misleading.

Then we have the EU (and UK because of Brexit). The EU's economy rivals the US economy for sure.

Add in India, which is still rather nonaligned, and Japan, which may not want to fall into line with the US if North and South Korea can get together in peace, and you have quite a large possible power based from which to stop taking orders from US Presidents.

Yes, the US can round up some "allies" for almost anything, but it is wearing thin with the EU and especially France that the US acts as if it can simply still boss the entire planet around the way it could after the collapse of the USSR and before the rise of China.

Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that the US is trying to boss the world in ways that are perfectly in line with Netanyahu's agenda and nearly nobody else's. The Saudis' MBS is trying to calculate it all and fall on the winning side while thoroughly weakening the Shiite theocracy of Iran, and there are other Saudi "allies" willing to go along to some degree, although carefully so far; however, that doesn't represent enough clout to shut down the Russians and Chinese and France if determined to not go along with cutting off Iran to force Iran into being totally dominated by the US government run by the Neocons.

Look, Iran is in Syria not because Iran has had designs on recreating the Persian Empire but because of what the numbskull George W. Bush did in attacking, invading, and occupying Iraq and because of everything that's happened ever since concerning the "Axis of Evil" list. It's also why Russia is in Syria.

Trump claims going into Iraq was stupid, but then he follows Bush-43's lead like a lapdog.

What does Trump really want? Does he want to be Caesar? I think so. Will he get there? Not a chance.

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