The Cold War Culture War is anti-truth

... the problem boils down to this: American policy and media elites have become distracted by what probably ought to be third- or fourth-order considerations regarding Russian domestic affairs, issues that are ultimately for Russians, not Americans, to contend with. In other words, identity politics and culture wars have their place—within domestic contexts.37 But the idea that American customs and mores can be imposed on Russia from the outside is a fantasy, and a dangerous one at that. Still more, efforts on the part of the U.S. government to do so are likely to be counterproductive: they will only put a target on the backs of those we say we wish to help.

And so, within the context of U.S.-Russia relations, identity politics should have no place. It has only contributed to the deterioration of relations between the world’s two nuclear superpowers, who, if they treated each other in normal diplomatic terms, could become—not necessarily allies—but, at a very minimum, partners in addressing certain shared challenges such as nuclear non-proliferation and terrorism.

Anyone who wants to gin up a war with Russia for the sake of promoting homosexuality better understand that approach will backfire.

I've been saying ever since Russiagate started that for many in the US, promoting homosexuality is exactly what the whole Russiagate narrative is about.

This is why I divorce economic leftism from the identity politics of the illiberal "left."

I've seen that the idea of economic radicalism and social conservatism (really moderation) is catching on. I've been there for decades now.

I'm more than fine with democracy so long as it's fully informed, and I know that much of the identity-politics movement is largely based upon made up nonsense. Some people calling themselves social conservatives don't understand the truth either. That's why I said "moderation." What I'm saying is that we need a true discussion, not a shouting down. It's not appropriate that we bend to the wishes of those who simply don't want to hear what will prove them wrong. Truth must be the highest goal, or we'll self-destruct.

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