Syria, Iran, North Korea: Trump saying he was against the Iraq War is sure ringing hollow

Khamenei's terms put the three European powers in a bind. They have tried to reassure Washington that it would be possible to renegotiate the current deal to curtail Iran's ballistic missile program or its aggressive foreign policy in the Middle East.

Well, they were stupid to have done that.

When the deal was brokered, Iran rejected expanding the deal to cover all missiles. They were simply not going to design a missile to carry a nuclear-weapons payload. They never agreed to not producing missiles to carry conventional warheads. It was all quite clear that insisting on what Trump is trying to do now would have resulted in no deal at all.

If Trump and his sidekicks keep pushing Iran and keep trash talking North Korea and threatening it, Trump will succeed in creating a bloc against the US which will agree to cooperate much more against the US then Trump imagines possible.

Trump has surrounded himself with incredibly superficial thinkers on foreign policy and geopolitics. If he's not careful, he'll get himself into what he wanted to avoid: world war that would devastate the US and ruin the planet for ages.

He was supposed to be better than Hillary on foreign policy. He won't be in short order if he keeps it up. At the rate he's going, he may as well have run as a flat-out Neocon.

Being against the Iraq War is sure ringing hollow right now. What do you think Xi and Putin are thinking about how much they can trust Trump?

Tom Usher

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