Why even Trump critics should want a probe of the FBI

Then-CIA Director John Brennan spied on the legislative branch and lied about it to the American people. Then-Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spied on the American people through a domestic surveillance program and lied about it to Congress. Although the Obama administration never tweeted nasty attacks on journalists, it did spy on and prosecute them.

It’s completely plausible that those in the upper echelon of law enforcement saw Trump as a threat and then used wobbly evidence as the pretext to investigate his campaign.

Only plausible? Hardly. It's exactly what they did, as the history of the "investigation" clearly shows. They have come up with zero that substantiates Hillary Clintons claims about Trump campaign-Russian government collusion.

By the way Brennan and Clapper were instrumental in the whole Russiagate narrative in the first place. It's what they do as professional liars. It's why they obtained high places in the government to represent the Clinton-wing's deep state (the Plutocracy).

The whole thing is different wings of the Plutocracy infighting and "democracy by the People" be damned. That's all.

Tom Usher

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