Credible Report Alleges US Relocates ISIS from Syria and Iraq into Russia via Afghanistan: Does Trump recognize nuclear-war danger?

Perhaps the US, which clearly was not satisfied when the Soviet side ended its side of the Cold War in 1991, is going all the way to seek a hot-war victory against Russia. Pushing Russia this hard and this far and this long — using even the “Putin stole Crimea” hoax and other such hoaxes to justify ‘restoring’ a Cold War which was actually supposed to have ended when the Soviet Union’s communism did — suggests that Russia might soon need to respond in a direct military way, taking America’s war as the existential threat to Russian national sovereignty over Russia, that it is. The alternative — Russian surrender to the US — seems far less likely, even though taking the war to America would entail global annihilation. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has said many times — and the Russian public seems to be overwhelmingly supportive of him in this — that for the US to push much farther in this direction will result in nuclear war, and that the US must recognize this fact. Trump seems not to recognize it.

No, he recognizes it. He's simply gaming it for the "deal."

What Putin and Xi and everyone else needs to understand completely is that the Trump-wing of the US deep state is lining up the US neocons under Trump, not the other way around. Trump is not ceding control to anyone. He started out to "Make America Great Again," which to his mind means gaining total international control beyond anything previously achieved in the economic and military imperialist sense.

The quaint idea that Trump was ever for US "isolationism" as used by the neocons was always utter nonsense.

Trump was always only one notch less dangerous than Hillary Clinton in terms of setting off WWIII. He was never risk free, not even close.

He's out to win. He just doesn't have the brains right now to realize that, that type of winning is losing.

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