Thoughts on the Saudi-Israeli Connection

... Roosevelt tried to convince the Saudi ruler to allow European Jewish occupation of Palestine. Ibn Saud countered that “Make the enemy and the oppressor pay; that is how we Arabs wage war.” He continued, “Amends should be made by the criminal, not by the innocent bystander. What injury have Arabs done to the Jews of Europe? It is the ‘Christian’ Germans who stole their homes and lives.”

Well, I wouldn't refer to the Nazis as Christians, not even close. Many of them were decidedly pagan. Plus, the Nazis attacked Christians mercilessly. However, Saud was right that the Palestinians shouldn't have had to give up their land and homes to invading, terrorist Jews because of the Old Testament (not the New) or because of anything the Nazis did. Of course, the West didn't care, as it was pretty much anti-Arab regardless.

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