EU prepares to hit Venezuela with new, evil sanctions

... the electoral process did not ensure the necessary guarantees for inclusive and democratic elections.

Please notice how the article didn't substantiate that claim.

... the two most popular opposition leaders, Henrique Capriles and Leopoldo Lopez, were barred from running in the vote.

Please notice how the article avoided discussing why they were barred, their histories of earlier illegal coup attempts, their connection with fascist elements, etc.

Venezuela has one of the best election processes in the world, far better than the one in the US.

Maduro is only under attack because he won't sell Venezuela to foreign plutocrats. The US and EU don't apply sanctions on all other nations where anti-democracy is in power. Why is that? Money!

The US and EU have plans to simply make more unbridled money for the global Western plutocrats by using anti-democratic regimes that buy things by the hundreds of billions from those plutocrats and which regimes those plutocrats will seek to topple and takeover just as soon as the real democratic forces in the world are demonized via false propaganda, censorship, marginalization, sanctions, and even military destruction if earlier measures don't force the overthrow of the democrats.

Make no mistake about it, Capriles and Lopez are no democrats. They just want to become personally richer by selling out to the Western plutocrats while the poor of Venezuela get poorer (just the opposite of what happened when the real democrats took over).

Where does the US and EU mainstream media give Maduro's full side of the story while that blob-media pushes the neoliberal-economic line? Why are they afraid to tell both sides of the story to you? They don't want you to know the truth.

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