Chaos, the lack of real planning for a particular organizational structure, goes co-opted and in circles

Even as he was extolling the glorious “explosion”, Castoriadis pointed to its limits. “If the revolution is nothing but an explosion of a few days or weeks, the established order (know it or not, like it or not) can accommodate itself very well. Even more, contrary to its belief, it has a profound need for it. Historically it is the revolution that permits the world of reaction to survive by transforming itself, by adapting,” he observed. The outcome could be “new forms of oppression better adapted to today’s conditions.”

Indeed, transformation and adaptation ensured that the real economic powers running the world were not seriously disturbed by all this turmoil.

The ruling class, the plutocrats, purchase co-optation and the end of any movement to replace it unless that movement is extremely focused and organized with a very clear plan enacted. There's one more aspect. For it to last, it must be what has never been: truly fully democratic, which requires transparency through-and-through.

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