On Nicaragua: What the US-mainstream-anti-democratic-corporatist media doesn't want you to know

Violent protests and clashes with security forces have caused the death of many pro-government individuals, who have been in many instances targeted by armed protesters, it has also led to the death of some protesters.

On Wednesday, several opposition groups organized a series of violent protests with specific objectives, destroying buildings, injuring many and killing at least five.

An opposition group armed with homemade mortars attacked a Sandinistas caravan heading to Managua for the Mothers' Day homage, killing two and injuring at least 12 people including police officers.

The mayor of Esteli, Francisco Valenzuela, said the caravan was attacked with rocks, homemade mortar, and gunfire by people wearing hoods.

“We spoke with them for about three or four hours. It was difficult, and we were brutally ambushed, attacked when we tried to pass. Some of our comrades are injured. We have a situation of excessive violence in relation to our mobilization's peace, security and calmness terms that must prevail,” he said.

Other sources report that at least four members of the Sandinista Youth were killed during another attack on a caravan leaving the rally.

Also in Esteli, a group attacked, looted and burned the offices of tax collection office, but no people were reported injured.

Nueva Radio Ya (New Radio Now), the State's leading radio station, was also attacked on Wednesday and set on fire, just two days after demonstrators burned its facade. The offices of 100% News Channel and the Dario radio station, both critical of the government, were also attacked.

A group also set fire to the agriculture and livestock cooperative buildings and in the city of Chinandega people who were taking care of the city's town hall were attacked.

A clash between the opposition and pro-government groups was reported near the Central American University (UCA), the Engineering National University (UNI) and the Cathedral of Managua, leaving at least one dead and eight people injured.

And an opposition group, armed with guns and home-made mortars, attacked and looted the Dennis Martinez National Stadium.


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