Google sets up “news initiative” to censor political opposition and promote mainstream media

This is true:

Google announced Wednesday that it is partnering with the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Financial Times and other major news outlets to reinforce their monopoly over news coverage by blocking independent news organizations.

The New York Times, whose stock price soared after the announcement, said Google’s initiative was aimed at combatting “the epidemic of false and unreliable information on the internet,” by “pledging to spend $300 million over the next three years to support authoritative journalism.”

In reality, Google’s action is the latest step in a protracted campaign on the part of the major technology companies, working with the Democratic Party and the US intelligence agencies, to censor the Internet.

The campaign for Internet censorship has been spearheaded by the major media outlets, including the Times and the Post, who have seen their subscription base eroded by the growth of oppositional news outlets and “citizen journalism.” By working with the technology giants and intelligence agencies to censor smaller news outlets, the media giants hope to regain the monopoly over the distribution of news they held before the rise of the Internet.

In April of last year, Google announced measures to promote “authoritative content” over “alternative viewpoints,” which led search traffic to left-wing, antiwar, and socialist web sites to plunge by over 50 percent.

Facebook has also teamed up with CIA-approved, deep-state media.

They've all been slowly moving to do this for years. Some alternative sites only recently caught on to it, when the pace really ratcheted up. I've been writing about it for what feels like an eternity. The major alternative sites didn't seem much concerned when individual and small alternative sites started all but disappearing via various early tactics promoted by the huge mainstream-corporatist-media of the Plutocrats. They care now because they've been hit now and hard.

This very site used to get thousands of good hits a day. That trickled off to under 10 long before the larger alternatives got slammed. It became nearly futile, so I slowed way down on my posting. I've only recently picked back up because there truly is no alternative.

I've been using Google News for years. Recently, the last couple of weeks, Google News slammed alternatives, deleting many of the sources I had picked via my Google News settings. Therefore, I won't be using Google News anymore. I've had it with them.

I'd already stopped using Facebook and Twitter and Google+ for all postings except some that have nothing at all to do with this site or my personal postings. If they're going to censor me, they're not going to have my eyes or be able to count me in the stats they use to sell advertisers. It's not retribution but strategy, as we need to bring forth a non-profit search and social system where serious democratic-economy people can post without being censored and banned.

I'd donate, and I live on a shoestring.

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