Israel: A pack of land-thieving, war-criminal liars. Many Jews know it and say it. They aren't anti-Semites for it.

Zionism founded Israel on a pack of lies. This has been known for decades. It was known in 1948. It is dishonorable to back those Zionists in their project to steal the land of the people who were already there when the Zionists started colonizing from Europe.

Donald Trump is extremely shameful in his support for Netanyahu, probably the biggest liar on the planet, and Netanyahu's project.

The victims are themselves the culprits. This is exactly what the Palestinians have had to endure for 70 years. Remember how they were to blame for their own exodus seven decades ago, because they followed the instructions of radio stations to leave their homes until the Jews of Israel were “driven into the sea”. Only of course, the radio broadcasts never existed. We still must thank Israel’s “new historians” for proving this. The broadcasts were a myth, part of Israel’s foundational national history invented to ensure that the new state – far from being founded on the ruins of others’ homes – was a land without people.

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