Italy: The Center Cannot Hold

Currently censored sites are the ones with the solutions.

The left has so thoroughly transformed its traditional internationalism into Europism that it has been unable to recognize EU institutions and regulations as a major source of its problems. The stigmatization of “the nation” as aggressively nationalistic has held back the left’s ability to envisage and advocate progressive policies at the national level, instead putting its hopes forever in a future hypothetical “social Europe.” Such a transformation would require unanimity under EU rules – politically impossible with 28 widely differing Member States.

Diana Johnstone is being a realist with that. She'd love to see a truly democratic European Union but doesn't hold out much hope for it right now. I agree with her.

Right after the 2008 crash, I saw some glimmers of hope because Europe seemed to be at least discussing more radical approaches what with the depth of the crisis. Unfortunately, Germany held back and insisted that various emergency measures were technically illegal under EU and Eurozone rules. Merkel didn't have the brains or desire to drive home emergency agreements to make the right things to do completely technically legal.

She was opposed to debt unionization. Debt unionization is what we have in the US. We don't allow any state to endlessly suffer with debts the way Germany has made Greece suffer and plans to try to force Italy to undergo the same treatment.

Merkel thinks debt unionization would weaken Germany, make it poorer. She has no vision. New York would be poorer without West Virginia, but it takes a big-picture view to see that.

If Merkel had real brains and vision, she'd push for debt unionization and for Russia to join the EU and Eurozone.

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