Rose McGowan

This is my first exposure to Rose McGowan. No, I don't live under a rock. I'm simply a great deal like her, and I like her.

I decide what I'm exposed to. It's why I watch zero TV. Obviously, I watch videos (highly selectively). I watch what the powers that be say is forboden.

Anyway, I don't know much about Rose other than what I just learned from this video. I have no idea what her religious views are. She did say she's more of a humanist and cares about what happens to men via mass-media socialization. There is such a thing as a Christian humanist. I count myself one but qualify it with the very strong understanding that I/we can do nothing without God (long story for those who don't simply get it without explanation; some never do). Humanism alone is something I've discussed before on this blog (many years ago).

I do hope there's such a thing as nontoxic masculinity. I think Rose thinks there is.

Her hair is fine. She can have it short or long to suit herself. She's no less beautiful or feminine or female for having her hair short.

She's a strong woman. I like that. Her honesty is her conviction. What better trait is there? I think that everything that truly matters starts with it. I'd be surprised if she weren't to nod in agreement.

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