The Blatant Conspiracy behind Senator Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination

We've known this, and plenty more (CIA agents arriving just before the assassination and then disappearing; they're in photos positively identified), all along, but no major politician can stand up and demand that the truth come out because he or she would be crucified by the Plutocrats who own and order the deep state (both wings: Hillary's and Donald's).

Sirhan was standing in front of Kennedy when, as the autopsy definitively showed, RFK was shot from the rear at point blank range, three bullets entering his body, with the fatal head-shot coming upward at a 45 degree angle from 1-3 inches behind his right ear. In addition, an audio recording shows that many more bullets than the eight in Sirhan’s gun were fired in the hotel pantry that night. It was impossible for Sirhan to have killed RFK.

You really think the USA is a democracy? If you do, you're extremely naive.

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